For over 100 years Thomas Bros. Country Store offered a wide range of merchandise to locals and travelers alike. As of 2017, Thomas Bros. Country Store began the biggest change in its history. Changes and upgrades will include a new museum and retail store on the first floor, with senior living residences on the second and third floors.

Founded in 1909 by brothers, Ner and G.R. Thomas, it quickly became the commercial and entertainment center for Biglerville and the surrounding towns.  As a traditional country store, Thomas Bros. was all-encompassing selling anything from sugar and fabric to nails and horse collars. It was the hub for local farmers to sell and transport goods and for townspeople to purchase all household needs. The second and third floors also functioned as community spaces with events ranging from formal banquets to donkey basketball.

Images above (left to right): Ner and Jean Thomas (circa 1960); transporting milk to Hershey Creamery; Marion, Ner, and Jean Thomas (circa 1960)